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Maine’s original Full Service processing company.​ Your connection to high quality extracts!

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With experience in cultivating, harvesting and processing, we have learned the many benefits of the cannabis plant. Located in Fairfield, Maine, we have the resources and ability to offer our caregiver customers the biggest yield and highest quality products.

We are dedicated to the process and pride ourselves in being able to offer the best concentrates and distillates that the industry can offer. We have carefully chosen the best equipment on the market. We have done extensive training and built a state of the art, Maine, Professionally Engineered, Class I, Division 1 processing facility to provide our customers the best finished product they can find.

About Us

At Full Spectrum Solutions in Fairfield, ME we work for you. We want our caregivers and patients to have access to high quality cannabis extracts from our D1-C1 facility.

Facility and Processing

Safety, compliance, and quality are our main focuses in our cannabis processing lab in Fairfield, ME. Click to see what we offer at our facility.


We offer a range of processing choices and concentrates at our facility in Fairfield, ME. A few of the concentrates we process include diamonds, distillate, shatter, and more!

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Are you a medical patient or caregiver looking for a cannabis processor? We are here to help, reach out today to schedule a session with us today!

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We get questions all the time, visit our F.A.Q.’s page to see if your answer is there. If not, send us a message, and we will get back to you with an answer!

From Soil to OIl

Creating concentrates and distillate to help medical patients with their health conditions is our mission. Some people have found smoking cannabis is not as effective as ingesting the oils derived from the plant. ​


Clean And Pure

By investing in high quality equipment and the education of our team members, we strive to provide quality. Our experience and techniques guarantee our caregiver customers the highest yields and quality in the industry.​

Cannabis Concentrates

Take Your Pick

With a wide range of processing techniques we are able to offer a variety of cannabis concentrates. From shatters and waxes to distillates, we can be your source for quality concentrates.

Not sure if your product is ready for extraction?

Find out if Full Spectrum Solutions is a good fit for your extraction needs.


Carefully chosen equipment that will provide our customers with the BEST finished product.


Safety is a TOP priority for our state of the art, Maine, Professionally Engineered, Class I, Division 1 processing facility. Our lab is state engineer certified and state approved.

End Result

We are proud to offer the HIGHEST yield for the HIGHEST QUALITY for the best prices in Maine. Offering processing services to individual caregivers.

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