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Creating quality Cannabis Concentrates for patients and caregivers

We are a full service processing facility in Fairfield, Maine. Full Spectrum Solutions specializes in the extraction of cannabis concentrates. Because we are part of a fully integrated processing facility, we are able to provide to our customers options other companies cannot. You can also be sure when you come to Full Spectrum, you will always walk away with the highest yield. We specialize in the highest quality products and extractions for all.


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We take great care in making sure our customers only receive the cleanest, most effective medicine for their individualized needs.


Our concentrates are processed cleanly and efficiently, resulting in a potent and flavorful extract.

From shatter, to caviar, and diamonds we strive in producing high-quality cannabis oils. There are so many variations of concentrates able to be created. Full Spectrum Cannabis Extracts is able to make your desired concentrate. 


Vape cartridges are a discreet, healthier alternative to smoking. Contaminants are removed for a clean and easy to consume medicine on-the-go.

Our brand, CannaNectar Full Spectrum Distillate produces high-quality distillates used in our vape cartridges. We provide a variety of flavored distillates from a full cannabis to flavored terpene options.


A diverse range of edibles that allows you to maximize the benefits of the cannabis plant.

As a fully integrated company we offer the option to have your product transformed into delicious edibles! A sister company to Full Spectrum Cannabis Extracts, the state licensed commercial kitchen at Mainely Baked offers a wide variety of options for you.


Shatter is a snappable brittle cannabis concentrate, with a translucent golden to amber appearance. Shatter is achieved via hydrocarbon extraction when raw cannabis extract is poured in a thin layer and remains untouched during the purging process. Shatter requires less processing resulting in an affordable, high-quality, easy to dose, potent product.


Crumble is a cannabis wax achieved by blending raw cannabis extract into whipped consistency and then purging until a drier texture is reached. The result is a cannabis concentrate with a chunky crumb texture named for its appearance. Crumble is a yellow-colored, high-quality, potent cannabis concentrate product.


Sugar is a cannabis concentrate product made from raw cannabis that has the crystal-like appearance of sugar crystals. This product is achieved by using alcohol to draw the cannabinoids from the cannabis then mixing with sugar to transfer the cannabinoids to the sugar crystals for consumption purposes. Cannabis sugar concentrate is a high-quality, easy and versatile to use cannabis product.


Honeycomb is a cannabis wax achieved by blending raw cannabis extract into whipped consistency and then purging until a drier texture is reached. The result is a cannabis concentrate with a dry and porous appearance-much like honeycomb, hence the name. Honeycomb is a yellow-colored, high-quality, potent cannabis concentrate product.


Diamonds are crystal-like formations of isolated THC from raw cannabis extract. The solid THC cannabinoid molecules separate from the liquid terpene oils and connect, becoming rigid and stack together-forming the crystal appearance without needing to use additional solvents. Diamonds are a high-quality, highly potent cannabis concentrate product.


Wax is an opaque, golden-colored cannabis concentrate product that is achieved by blending raw cannabis extracts into a whipped, airy and smooth consistency, or can be further processed into a drier, crumble or honeycomb consistency. Wax is a highly potent, high-quality cannabis concentrate product.


Sauce is a terpene-rich cannabis concentrate product that has a sticky and liquid, somewhat sap-like consistency. When cannabinoids and terpenes are separated from one another during processing the cannabinoids are solid and the terpenes are watery-the watery, aromatic terpene mixture is used to create sauce. Sauce is high-quality, potent cannabis concentrate product that is both aromatic and flavorful


Cartridges are easy to dose and pre-filled with high-quality cannabis concentrate extracts and pair with a battery for vaping. The terpene distillate combination in our cartridges offer pure and potent medicinal product. Terpenes give cannabis its aroma, taste and medicinal properties and are often lost in the extraction process of concentrated distillates. Isolating the terpenes and blending with the finished distillate product gives our cartridges the highest potency and effect specific medicine possible.

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