A Leader In The Industry Through Innovation And Integration

A Leader In The Industry Through Innovation And Integration

Full Spectrum Solutions of Fairfield, Maine is a part of the Maine Cannabis Campus.This rapidly evolving cannabis company, provides a diverse product line that focuses on effect-specific medicine, innovated growing techniques, cutting edge processing equipment, and are on the forefront with supply chain and logistics in Maine. Our goal is to build strong, long-lasting partnerships with others that are distributing in the cannabis industry.

Full Spectrum Fairfield ME

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Honest Services

We work tirelessly to make sure our process consistently provides the highest yield at the most efficient price.

On Time Delivery

We know how important it is for you to have your product when you need it, we work hard to make sure we are efficient.


With a state of the art C1-D1 facility, using the most advanced high tech equipment for our products.

We Are Passionate

We stand behind our work because we love what we do, and understand and appreciate that you love what you do!

Variety To Meet Every Need

Full Spectrum offers a range of processing techniques to provide the most effect-specific cannabis concentrates possible. Our process results in clean, pure, and high-quality waxes, distillates, shatters and more.

C1-D1 Facility

Staying True To The Maine Cannabis Industry

Full Spectrum Solutions prides ourselves on being true to who we are, on being responsible and an asset to our community. We are always working to assist in building a beautiful and smoothly operating cannabis industry in this state for the benefit of our customers and all community members. We are proud of the reputation we have worked hard for and the referrals and praise we have earned through dedication and hard work in this industry.

One such referral states..“as the State and municipal regulations further define the industry we are only selecting to work with reputable and trustworthy individuals. Mr. Crockett is such an individual and we look forward to assisting his efforts.”

Providing A Safe Place For Your Cannabis Processing​

At Full Spectrum Solutions, we always strive to be as safe and compliant as possible. The safety of our employees and customers and the quality of our products are always our bottom line. We are proud of the respect we have earned in the community and love to hear respected business owners say things like..“Mark has always been and currently is focused on compliancy and being an industry leader.” We are excited to continue to prove ourselves and work with other great members of this industry to build a beautiful future for the Maine cannabis industry.