A Leader In The Industry Through Innovation And Integration

Full Spectrum Fairfield ME

A Leader In The Industry Through Innovation And Integration

Full Spectrum Solutions is a Maine medical marijuana company out of Fairfield, Maine specializing in cannabis extracts. Full Spectrum processing values THC percentage along with Maine CBD quality. Our Maine medical marijuana products as well as cannabis extraction services range in a variety of ways, each to fit the specific needs of our customers. Growing, as well as developing new exciting ways to develop cannabis extraction services, and develop cannabis for wellness requires innovative techniques that we employ daily. Full Spectrum Solutions is on the front lines of cannabis extraction services in tandem with concentrate extraction services to provide top shelf products. We consistently expand to network with others involved with cannabis extraction in Maine. Our goal is to bring our partnerships in Maine medical marijuana to provide exceptional concentrate extraction services. Full Spectrum Solutions is paving the way for Maine hemp processing. Providing only the best concentrate extraction services for hemp marijuana in Maine. Cannabis for wellness is important for our clients and their patients. Our extraction lab works tirelessly to bring the best Full Spectrum Solutions has to offer. 

See What We Have To Offer

Honest Services

Our cultivators work hard to make sure your medical cannabis products have the highest yield possible, for reasonable comparative prices.

On Time Delivery

We understand getting your medical cannabis on time is important. With that in mind we value and work to deliver your product promptly.


Top-notch equipment and the best industry standards go into every step of our Maine medical cannabis. Cannabis products ranging all spectrums.

We Are Passionate

We believe in and stand by our products because we love the work we do. Our passion is using nothing but the best from people that genuinely care.


Distillate Vape

Only the Industry’s Best Distillate with Full Spectrum’s CannaNectar

Full Spectrum continues to lead the industry with our focus on developing and providing only the best clean, high-quality concentrates and distillates, our dedication to our customers, and our love for the Maine cannabis industry. We are proud of our premium product, CannaNectar, and consider it the industry’s best distillate. CannaNectar comes from our state of the art, Maine, Professionally Engineered, Class I, Division 1 processing facility. We utilize our ethanol extraction method to develop the clean, pure THC CannaNectar distillate.

Quality Cannabis Extracts

Just the beginning…

The premium, clean CannaNectar distillate offers the first step to a number of clean, potent, premium distillate products. Our high-quality CannaNectar distillate provides our customers, patients, and partnered caregivers with clean, high-quality distillate for vape cartridges, delicious edibles, and other high-quality products. Every Full Spectrum CannaNectar product offers the industry’s best because of our trusted and safe extraction processes.

Quality Cannabis Extracts

Variety To Meet Every Need in Maine Medical Marijuana

Full Spectrum offers a range of processing techniques to provide the most effect-specific cannabis concentrates possible. Our process results in clean, pure, and high-quality waxes, distillates, shatters and more.

C1-D1 Facility

Staying True To The Maine Cannabis Industry

Full Spectrum Solutions prides ourselves on being true to who we are, on being responsible and an asset to our community. We are always working to assist in building a beautiful and smoothly operating cannabis industry in this state for the benefit of our customers and all community members. We are proud of the reputation we have worked hard for and the referrals and praise we have earned through dedication and hard work in this industry.

Here’s a snippet from a valued customer “as the state and municipal regulations further define the industry we are only selecting to work with Reputable and trustworthy individuals. Mr. Crockett is such an individual and we look forward to assisting his efforts.”

Providing A Safe Place For Your Cannabis Processing​

Safety is key for our company. We take every step needed in making a safe productive working environment for our staff and community. Our customers as well as our employees safety is matched by the quality and attention to detail that goes into extracting your medical cannabis. When another business owner in the field makes positive feedback we value and appreciate it fully.

Here’s an example of some kind words from another Maine medical marijuana business owner. “ Mark has always been and currently is focused on compliance and being an industry leader.“

With confidence and passion Full Spectrum Solutions are excited to be the best we can in the Maine medical marijuana community.