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Types of Concentrates From Our Cannabis Extraction Lab

The Full Spectrum Solutions extraction lab provides safe, clean, and high-quality cannabis concentrates to medical marijuana dispensaries, caregivers, and cannabis businesses in Maine. We are proud to service the wonderful Maine medical marijuana industry and take pride in our safe, knowledgeable, and trustworthy reputation. If the concentrate product comes from our cannabis extraction lab, then you can trust it is pure, potent, safe, and of the highest quality possible from high-quality cannabis plants. We provide processing for a wide variety of different marijuana extract products to suit all tastes, preferences, and needs. Let’s explore some of the types of concentrates available from our cannabis extraction lab. 


Wax from our extraction lab is a cloudy golden, potent cannabis concentrate available in several consistencies. It is created by blending raw marijuana extracts into a whipped and smooth wax-like consistency or additionally processed to be drier and firmer. Wax concentrates are typically consumed via vaporization, dabbing, or through edibles. Crumble is a golden yellow colored, potent type of cannabis wax created by processing the whipped wax consistency until it becomes drier, chunked up, and crumbly. Crumble can be consumed via smoking, vaping, or dabbing. Budder is a concentrate from our cannabis extraction lab that has the consistency of its namesake — a stick of butter. It can range from light brown to yellow in color and is a potent, creamy concentrate usually consumed by dabbing, or wrapping around rolled flower and smoking. 


Sauce at our extraction lab is full of flavor, terpenes, and potency. Sauce is a sap-like sticky liquid that has isolated cannabinoids and a high-terpene content. The cannabinoids are stripped from the terpenes during processing leaving behind the flavorful liquidy terpene mixture known as sauce. Sugar is accomplished when alcohol is used to pull cannabinoids from raw cannabis and mixed with sugar to attach the cannabinoids to the sugar crystals. It has a variety of color results from yellow to amber and is the consistency of wet granulated sugar. Shatter is a more brittle cannabis concentrate that can be hard and snappable or the consistency of tightly stretched taffy. It is often see-through and anywhere from gold to amber in color. Shatter is created when raw cannabis extract is allowed to process in a thin poured layer. Shatter is often consumed via dabbing or vaporization. 


Diamonds are a highly-potent cannabis concentrate created at our extraction lab for experienced consumers. Diamonds are isolated solid THC molecules connected to one another to form a crystal consistency.  Diamonds can be consumed when added to smokeable flower and smoked, or via vaping or dabbing. Our .5ml vape cartridges are popular, easy to use and available in a variety of options. Distillate cartridges offer an easy to use, easy to dose vaping option for marijuana concentrate consumption. Cartridges are pre-filled with a variety of extracts for targeted medicinal use. Our .5ml Vape Cartridges are terpene distillates that offer the pleasant aroma, taste and effects of terpenes mixed with beneficial isolated cannabinoid distillate. 

Quality Cannabis Extracts

Our cannabis extraction lab works hard to stay educated and knowledgeable in the world of marijuana concentration. We offer a wide variety of extraction processing and product creation. Cannabis concentrates from our extraction lab provide beneficial and enjoyable medicinal options for patients, dispensaries, caregivers, and more. To learn more about what concentrates are and how they can be more beneficial than more traditional cannabis options check out an additional blog on concentrates HERE.