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Diamonds And Sauce

Products Made Using Extraction

Full Spectrum Solutions is a cannabis extraction services company. We apply expert extraction techniques to Maine marijuana to create concentrated products for medical marijuana cardholders. Some of these products are known as Diamonds and Sauce. When medical marijuana patients purchase sauce, diamonds, or other concentrates, THCA crystals can often be found accumulated at the container’s bottom. Medical cannabis card holders passionate about concentrates are accustomed to the sight of these diamonds. Cannabis diamonds also form from extraction methods that make the sauce. Diamonds often have layers of sauce residually surrounding them. Pure THCA or crystalline deposits are just a few characteristics of cannabis diamonds.

Variables During Extraction

Depending on the method of extraction, a Diamond extraction appearance can change. Pure THCA crystalline can often be confused and mislabeled. Some call diamonds pure THC when it’s concentrated THCA. This extraction process has a more powerful impact on the endocannabinoid receptors as it stays in its purest form. The size and shape of diamonds within sauce can differ based on several extraction methods and other variables, including temperature used, water content, and possible impurities during the concentration extraction process.


How Will Diamonds & Sauce Make Me Feel?cannabis extracts

THCA by itself doesn’t have the intoxicating effects that pure THC does, so to create this chemical change, diamonds need to be heated. During the heating process used for consumption through a dab rig or vape pen, THCA in Diamonds convert to pure THC. This process is called decarboxylation, and it brings out the medicinal properties gained from concentrated medical marijuana.

Throughout the various ways cannabis extraction makes sauce, different Diamonds in multiple shapes and sizes may form. Caregivers utilize mining techniques to separate pure diamonds. Sauce by itself is also an effective concentrate product that Maine medical marijuana patients have found helpful and enjoyable. Most often, patients seeking a more potent, more impactful form of medical cannabis look for concentrates such as Diamonds and Sauce.

Sauce, made from top of the line extraction services, starts with raw cannabis flower. The solvents used in the creation will impact the final product, but state of the art extraction companies like Full Spectrum Solutions create pure and clean cannabis extraction products. Sauce holds the terpene profiles of the specific cannabis strain used. Within Sauce, diamonds are the crystalline substance that forms. Both boast a powerful and robust method of consuming high THC dosage products.

Seeking Alternatives through Concentrates

Although many Maine medical marijuana concentrates users seek THC Diamonds and Sauce, CBD terpene sauce is also made for patients not looking for an overwhelming high feeling from pure THC. Purer forms of CBD are fantastic alternatives for cannabis patients that enjoy concentrates and prefer to be still able to navigate their days unaltered. CBD crystals also form from the extraction services that make cannabis sauce.

The cannabis industry has come leaps and bounds in recent years as more caregivers are working closely with cannabis extraction services like Full Spectrum Solutions. These extraction services are creating top-quality cannabis oils, extracts like Diamonds and sauce, and other extracts that contain high and pure THC dosages, as well as high-dose CBD products.

Consumption of diamonds and sauce

Maine medical marijuana patients that use concentrates have a few options for how they consume it. Vape pens are a popular means for terpene sauce and deliver no differing effects of loss of flavor. Dab rigs or oil rigs that use high heat are for the consumption of diamonds due to the need for decarboxylation caused by heating THCA and turning it into pure THC. Asking your local caregivers who offer concentrates as a form of medical cannabis will provide you with the accurate knowledge of how to use diamonds and sauce to their full potential. Using cannabis as an alternative for wellness is vastly expanding in terms of products available. Enjoying products like Diamonds and Sauce might just open doors for cannabis health that you otherwise wouldn’t be familiar with. Full Spectrum Solutions is happy to assist customers, and local caregivers, with guidance on which concentrates, might be best for you.