As A Full Service Processing Company In Fairfield, Maine Compliance, Safety And Quality Are Key

We strive to build strong relationships with other professionals in the cannabis community. Our relationships are formed by building a business based on integrity, while creating a product that will offer the highest quality.

Why Does High-quality Processing Matter To Your Medicinal Marijuana?

The processing of your medicinal marijuana matters, likely more than any other piece of the growing and cultivation process. It is important to us that our clients and their patients only have the highest quality, and purest cannabis products at their disposal. Anything you put in your body should be as clean and pure as possible, with as little additives, waste or extras as possible. Luckily, with our professional, high-quality and educated processing methods we are able to provide product that meets those needs.

Cannabis Extraction Equipment

Do You Have Questions About Cannabis Extraction?

Many people have questions regarding how to prepare their cannabis for extraction or how they can get the best yield. See our F.A.Q.'s or reach out to us today for more information!

Processing options we offer

Maine Cannabis Processing

Ethanol/ Distillation

Using the Capna System we extract our customers product. Upon completion of the run there is a mix of THC as well as ethanol remaining. That solution then gets processed through the roto-vapes, recovering the ethanol. Left with a crude material that is then loaded into the short-path fractional distillation unit. We remove all of the undesirable compounds and are left with just THC.


The Extraction Tek MEP System, uses a mix of distilled hydrocarbons. We extract our customers product using our SOP. Upon completion of the run, we can make multiple products dependent on the caregivers needs. From there, that product goes into the vacuum ovens for further purging. Purging is done by using heat as well as pressure to remove any hydrocarbons that have stayed in the product.

State Of The Art Facility

  • Safety is extremely important, all of our facilities are fully equipped with the highest levels of safety and security.
  • Continuing education for our team keeps us compliant and provides us with the most innovative and effective technology to produce the highest yield for our customers.
  • We strive to continue to improve the quality of our products, and the efficiency of our operations to assure the best prices available.

Quality Is The Key To Sucess

Cannabis Extraction Meter
Our extraction systems successfully remove non-desirable compounds. It is important for your cannabis, concentrates, vapes and edibles be free of waste, carcinogens, pesticides and other harmful-for-your-body chemicals. A processing facility that skimps on the quality of their processing will result in less pure and more unhealthy products, which your patients in turn are putting in to their bodies and associating with your business. High-quality processing ensures that your patients are utilizing a clean, pure and as supportive of their wellness product as possible. You can trust us with your marijuana to process it as expertly as possible and provide only the cleanest, purest quality medical cannabis products possible.

Focused On The Finished Product

We provide you with the highest yield of quality cannabis concentrates. See our products and find out if Full Spectrum Solutions is a good fit for your extraction needs.