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The Benefits Of Using Maine Medical Marijuana Concentrates

Over the last ten years, the rise of cannabis extraction services has gained popularity in the Maine medical marijuana community. Many patients are experiencing increased benefits when using concentrates to treat severe and moderate medical conditions. On average, most cannabis strains we use here at Full Spectrum Solutions have a THC level of 15% to 25%, and the more CBD heavy strains can range in CBD levels of 8% to 15%. When using medical cannabis in a joint or other combustible methods, THC and CBD intake can be considerably less depending on various conditions. 

Concentrates are exactly as the name implies, which is a more pure and concentrated form of THC or CBD, which is found in cannabis. There are many various ways cannabis extraction services use to make concentrates. Here at Full Spectrum Solutions, we have found that depending on the method, anywhere from 60% to 90% and higher, pure THC or CBD can be extracted. Many storefronts offer Maine medical marijuana concentrates in many different forms. From dabs, oils, tinctures, and vapes, just to name a few, each using their preferred ways of cannabis extraction. 



Because cannabis extraction services aim to get the maximum amount of pure THC or CBD, it increases medical benefits. For some conditions, higher levels of CBD combined with THC may allow for more anti-inflammatory properties to possibly heal the body quicker. Likewise, in its concentrated form, THC can have a pain-relieving effect, calming patients for more intense therapeutic benefits. 

Maine medical marijuana patients may greatly benefit from the concentrated forms of cannabis. Some individuals that suffer from seizures or extreme anxiety have reported they found faster and more effective relief from cannabis extraction services. It offers pure forms of THC and CBD to maximize the benefits of each. There are various ways to make concentrates; it alters the consistency which creates shatter, sauce, or dabs. 



There are many ways concentrates are made. Each offers different levels of concentrated THC and CBD. Using these can deliver more terpene flavors and have more intense effects from THC. The different flavors in the taste of cannabis vary from strain to strain. Frequently patients seek these strains for their effects and flavor combinations. Cannabis extraction services offer a wide range of different concentrates, to gain the benefits from each, just as you would when using flowers. 

Concentrates can also be used in edibles, which is another way Maine medical marijuana patients use cannabis. Concentrated oil, when mixed with other ingredients, can make delicious treats for people to enjoy. Some patients may also prefer vaping their concentrates, which cuts back on the smell smoking marijuana flower has. Oils and tinctures are also a very effective form of concentrated cannabis. Some patients use them under their tongue, or orally to gain powerful medical benefits for conditions like inflammatory conditions, seizures, or other cognitive mood disorders symptoms. 



Maine medical marijuana caregivers and storefronts are experimenting more and more. With exciting new ways to give patients maximum medical benefits from cannabis. Concentrated THC and CBD deliver higher doses faster, when a more intense dose may be needed. Because concentrates are tolerated very well, they offer the same medical properties of smoking or other forms of consumption. Concentrates also preserve terpene flavor and the therapeutic benefits found in cannabis. Often, and depending on the type of consumption, terpene flavors can shine quite brightly. It’s always best to explore the world of Maine medical marijuana. There are many ways it can help patients achieve ultimate medical benefits. Cannabis extraction services have given patients access to stronger, purer forms of their medication. If this is something you feel you may benefit from, contact Full Spectrum Solutions today to get first-hand information on how best to know if concentrates may be right for you. Patients new to using THC or CBD concentrates may be surprised at how well they work to alleviate symptoms. 

Full Spectrum Solutions is more than just a cannabis extraction service. We will happily answer questions, offer assistance, and recommend trusted local caregivers who carry our clean, safe, and premium cannabis extracts. In the world of cannabis for wellness, our concentrates offer an enjoyable and safe medicinal dosing option. Please contact us today for more information!