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Full Spectrum Solutions respects the need for answers on how concentrate extraction services work for your cannabis for wellness needs. Our trained staff can help you with knowing more about Full Spectrum Solutions processing and how it relates to your Maine medical marijuana. Whether you are a private client, a caregiver storefront, or a Maine dispensary that has cannabis extracts. Our highly reputed cannabis extraction services and advanced extraction lab technology speaks for itself. Full Spectrum Solutions is available to answer the questions you may have. When searching for the best processing products for dispensaries near me Full Spectrum Solutions uses a large knowledge base for your cannabis for wellness. Because we offer both hemp and cannabis extraction services we can also bring you quality Maine CBD products for your Maine dispensary, storefront or caregiver services. Call or email Full Spectrum Solutions today to find out how we can assist you and your Maine medical marijuana needs.

Commonly Asked Questions

Patients and caregivers only.

We utilize a tracking system to sort all product and separate from others. This system also keeps us compliant with state regulations for seed to sale tracking.

1 lb. of trim or flower for butane/propane processing. 

2 lbs. of trim or flower for ethanol extraction.

Our three recommendations for proper storage are:

  1. Keep dry.
  2. Keep in a cool, dark place.
  3. The faster you can bring it in to us the better.

Our three recommendations for the highest yield are:

  1. No fan leaves.
  2. No stems.
  3. No machine trim for butane or propane.

This is a new process that is still being developed, however we can currently remove some, but not all pesticides with our short path machine.

Yes. We have the capability to convert Delta-9 THC to Delta-8 THC.

Cannabis Extraction Chart

To maximize your yield:

Use quality cured cannabis flower or trim. It is important to process your product properly for the trichromes and cannabinoids to develop and cure.

Please call for more details. 

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Cannabis Concentrates


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