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What Are Concentrates From An Extraction Lab

The phrase cannabis concentrates covers a range of different medicinal marijuana products available to patients at medical dispensaries and can also be referred to as “extracts”. These products are concentrated forms of cannabis medicine available in different administration methods. Extracts offer cannabis consumers a potent option to administer their marijuana medicine outside of the traditional method of smoking just the flower. Some prefer to utilize concentrates because they find they achieve faster results with less product. Marijuana concentrates are processed and created at a cannabis extraction lab. Our extraction lab, Full Spectrum Solutions, is a local trusted, expert processing facility known for its clean, high quality cannabis extracts.  


At an extraction lab, plant waste, contaminants and unnecessary chemicals are all removed from marijuana plants. Once processed, all that remains are the natural pure cannabinoids, compounds and terpenes. These beneficial components then continue to be processed and used to create different cannabis concentrate products. Marijuana extracts created in a cannabis extraction lab provide a cleaner and more targeted product for medicinal consumption. These medicinal cannabis concentrates are often found to provide stronger effects at a faster rate, but with less product needed per dose compared to just flower consumption. More experienced cannabis consumers often appreciate the potency of marijuana concentrate products. Consumers also find that dosing with a concentrated form of the specific cannabinoids and terpenes that they personally have found beneficial for their unique needs and ailments, helps provide more targeted medicinal care and better results. 


The control that cannabis extracts offer consumers is a large reason why concentrates are a favorite for many medical marijuana patients. Concentrates can be made from different cannabis strains to capitalize on their varied benefits and effects, along with controlling the perfect mix of terpenes, THC, CBD and more to target specific needs and beneficial effects. The blends of terpenes in marijuana concentrates also offer a pleasing variety in how your medicinal cannabis products taste and smell, or lessen the smell entirely for a more discreet dosing option.


The more options you can provide for your patients, the more likely that you will have a product on hand that meets their specific wants and needs. Concentrates can vary in forms depending on which extraction method you request from our cannabis extraction lab. The majority of marijuana concentrates are easy to use and offer versatile dosing methods. Cannabis concentrates can range from hard products like diamonds and shatter to soft or pliable forms like budder and crumble. Many prefer to utilize dabbing as their concentrate administration method, others prefer to sprinkle a concentrate product onto their smokeable flower. Cannabis concentrates truly provide the consumer with the ability to dose and administer their medicinal marijuana as they see fit and by their own unique preferences. Products from our extraction lab truly meet a variety of needs, preferences, and demands. You can learn more about the different types of concentrates available through the processing at our cannabis extraction lab HERE.

Cannabis Concentrates

With the variety of options, formula’s, and aroma’s available, it is easy to see why medicinal cannabis concentrates from safe and reputable extraction labs have become more mainstream and sought after. The dispensaries that utilize Full Spectrum Solutions for their marijuana processing carry a variety of high quality, clean cannabis concentrate products and can help you in choosing which might be best for you. Our clients recognize the importance of using a reputable and trustworthy cannabis extraction lab as their source for potent and pure medicinal cannabis concentrates. We are proud of our service to the local Maine medical marijuana industry and encourage you to get in touch with us for your cannabis processing needs.